About us

We are experts who deliver expertly-crafted results for our ambitious clients. We are fixated on producing data-led transformational experiences that push the boundaries of paperwork automatization, machine learning solutions in LegalTech, natural language process in communication with clients.

We have a network of various experts and specialists to support and advise your development.

For tha past 20 years we have been delivering global projects in different countries (Hungary, UK, Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Russia) and various locations in Asia.

Member of:

Our team


Bela SLANICZ has spent 20+ years in the Finance Industry in various senior management positions.

He has huge experience in business development, business process enhancements, project management and new product development. He has managed commercialized software developments, finance and financial risk management functions.

Miklos ZORKOCZY, dr.


Miklos ZORKOCZY has spent 20+ years as legal manager, advised M&A transactions, managed legal departments in various Industries, designed and managed contact centers.

He is specialised in the practical implementation of AI in Healtcare and Legal. During his AI journey Miklós had been involved in programs with the European Institute for Innovation and Technology Health (RIS) and LegalTech Innovation Certificate Program (UK, Dubai).



Bela SLANICZ: +36 20 339 0502

Miklos ZORKOCZY: +36 20 250 2218

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